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ES 12-17-09

Fear not! This decline and the expected gap down opening this morning are to be expected least by me! In fact i just bought 1197.75 for a scalp before i crash!.. charts coming soon
Well Rburns, assuming you bought lower like i did, a win is a win. Congrats! I may not have had the exact cycle timing right , but nothing has changed my mind regarding my bullishness into Jan! A nd if this is some kind of wave 2 then you know what may develop over the next week or so! Any way i thought we'd decline and possibly finidh up today, still very exit is in at 1094.75.
Sheese now i get one ticked on my exit! not changing anything tho...
im beginning to think the entire initial move from the 1090.75 low to the 1094.50 swing high applies. That would have the 1.618 at 1096.75 ,etc. still have my exit at 1094.75 tho cause i gotta sleep!...just filled as im typing!
Now I understand why your name is KOOL
Discipline pays off ,friend.. something i struggle with each and every trade.. even after 20 years!
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