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High volume for monday 5280

FRom overnight we have that great 1102 - 1103.25 volume, Above that is 1108 - 1110 and below we have the 95 - 97.50 area..below that will be the 85 - 88 area.....ranges are so tight that finding good trades seems a bit harder. Holidays are here....I prefer sells especially if we open up above that 1103 number.......gonna watch the window and the first 5 minute for clarity...good luck today and be quick....
I'm on the 1108.50 short and hating it......where is the plus 4 ? Right's a key zone.....still not thrilled.........that was a big fast jump....not agressive today with any add ons....we are due to trend and don't want to have a bad day!!
ideal would be to see the test of the volume bar high at 1106 but nothing to stop it from running too......lots of "air" on the chart....
I have 1111 / 1112 as a value area 1110 vpoc
went in at the plus 8 hoping for at least a retest of 1109.......took loss initially on first trade at new highs......gotta watch and fiqure out where the hour break will come
sure looking trendy so far....
last few days have seen the retest of the opening bar..perhaps today will be different
They're trying to run the triples and so am I but they now exist on the upside happens in low volume.....tough trade as there are two sets close buy......nice trend as volume is supporting the long side..( chart later)
BOINK!! on that lower triple run..watching 07 - 09 as that is the SECOND highest volume spike of the day when I exclude that open thrust,,,and that is why I targeted the 09 area earlier
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