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volume for tuesday

I'm using 1112.75 - 1114

1107 - 1109 close is here too

1102 - 1103

Tight overal ranges lead to tight volume zones so we need to be nimble

Working a small short in overnight from 13.75......I really would like to tag that 1109 but that may be asking for a lot....almost 1/2 a RTH range these days
Hi Bruce,

15 minutes ago I finished a triple (+3 points). Thank you for your informative emails. For today I am coincident with you.
That's great Harry...Congrats...pleasse keep me up to date on the triples in the overnight session after you've had time to study them....I haven't watched them too much outside of the RTH hours...

always good to hear that folks are making money and enjoying the ideas..
I'm on the 13.75 now in day session...Hey harry we have overnight triples atthe highs in case you are watching...I'm adding to short if we run out the overnight....meager target of 11.50 now...
a good fill for me at 15.50 to target the open print at 1111.75 with the add-on......perfect plus 4 hit at the current high of 1115.75

Usually a good day for fades after a day like yeaterday that just rallies from the open's almost as if the "Floor" or window players need to get even for getting fooled the day before

sure seems like they are trying to put in the high first...with any luck they will go for the gap fill today...folks like me will be STILL trying to sell any rally today above that 1114 at least until they print down into the 1109 - 1107 volume
I`m on 14,00. ...Bruce, yes I watch the overnight sessions. It`s easy for me, because I am in Europe and when is Midnight in NY than here is 6 o clock. ...hope it goes downwards today.
selling into the 1115 and may be early now...lots of stops sit below at the open print and the lows of RTH......a 5 point range is half of yesterdays what are they gonna do the rest of the day....just jerk it around for 5 more points all day?? hour range complete in 15 minutes...critical up here today..they failed at the high break out yesterday....1120 is obvious next key area if I'm wrong here
cool harry..glad we're together on direction...we need to pay special attention IF they go to run out that hour high and monitor to see if it is a legit breakout........cautious due to yesterdays failed breakout so they may actually let the break out players win today.....hoping they go for the hour lows today first though...less stressful on us faders
Unfortunately we have 4 bars with the same highs ....obvious!!!
I took 4 off at 1113.25 and have two left...I just don't like that high
one more off at 1111.50...that ran out the open stops....trying to hold last for 1109.....probably will cover by then or get stopped..still don't like that high...a trade back over 13.25 will be a concern for shorts
That's the way to do it Harry! Make the money and close down the trading platform or trade light.......well done!!!!Congrats...

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