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Some rooms are back doing the old double call scam. I'm not implying this is you but here is how it works:

They have two paltalk rooms. In one room they say to go short and in the other they say to go long. Now at the end of the week the room that makes the most correct calls gets people to sign up for their service.......sometimes even the room that doesn't do well gets people signed up...

This is a take off on the phone scam where they would call 500 people and tell 250 of them to watch this stock called "ABC Company" It's gonna go up this week....then they'd call the other 250 people and tell them that ABC company was gonna go down next week.

They call back the group of people based on the direction the stock went that week. So one group thinks they are amazing stock pickers and sends them their money to invest.

This same concept goes on in Paltalk and other trading rooms. It has for years. I'm not gonna mention names as it will cause too much talk and I'm not in the mood. Just know it happens!

Beware out there!!!

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