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ES 12-29-09

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Hi Kool
if I were you I would be yelling ^&*! at the screen. Tuffest 1 tick I have seen
Iam screaming! lol... those dam averages! there why the pause here! but ive sweated this long so im sticking with the 1124.50 exit on half (and may live to regret it!
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Well my plan remains to take 2 off at 1124.50 and the other 2 at 1125.00 . Awfully hard to make much money on a day with a 6.5 handle range! sheese!
out 2 at 1124.50 plus 1 on each. Waiting for 1125 now
hardest 100 bucks i ever made!
at least im getting good fills today! out the other 2 at 1125.00. plus 1.5 on each . and up 5 handles on the day ! Not bad considering the teeny tiny range today!...AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE AVERAGES STAND A GOOD CHANCE OF REVERSING BACK TO POSITIVE O/N THE 5 MIN CHART!.They should because im really expecting a short term top tomorrow or the next day, not today...
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