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Trade Station

So I've been going through the grueling task of thorough research of the available trading platforms/charts. My Start Menu is now full of apps from various brokers. I've tested them all and gone through their features and it is Trade Station I am most impressed with.

It seems to be a very high quality "overall" solution which is helpful for me to avoid confusion with having to combine separate platforms with charts with data feeds etc.

My question is does anyone have anything bad to say about Trade Station or does it have any particular area where it lacks? I'd like to know if there is anything I've missed or haven't read about that may deter me from deciding for sure on this software.

Thanks team. :)
I haven't looked at Trade Station for years but one of the things I've heard traders say is that they don't like the fact that the charting software is tied to the brokerage and they felt that it was expensive if you didn't use them as a broker. Does this tie still exist?

However, to some this may be a big advantage...

I personally use Genesis Trade Navigator. The programming language is super easy to learn, platform allows trading off the chart as well as dom style, layout and visual appeal is very refined compared to others I've looked at. Only one thing that has bothered me and that is they post electronic closing values from daily so when I try to code my pivot points they are wrong. Have not found a solution and their support has not offered a fix for this.

My trading mentor uses tradestation and has been for a very long time. He has been trading professionaly since '84. He likes it fine but has told me customer support is lazy to reply to your questions. Programming looks extremely complicated like the ninja and sierra. But at the same time their is a huge following and you could pay someone to program what you want if you can't find somewhere for free. And they still don't offer trading off the charts which is sooooo nice once you've used it. As well for your pivots if you use them the closing values are reported properly using closing settlement price.

Hope that helps,
Gotta go market starting to move again.
Day trader I think you are right, I'm not sure on the prices however.

Can I also ask what you guys are talking about in regards to programing/scripting with these platforms? I have noticed that some of the platforms I've been on do have some form of script function but for what purpose? Can you script your own automation's so that trades are placed automatically based on your selected indicators? Or do scripts serve another purpose? What can you do, I'd like to know because I have a programming background and would love to know how I could benefit from scripts.
You can write scripts to automate trading but on the charting platforms the scripts are usually used to create custom indicators. For example, if you were using the eSignal charting platform then you could write indicators using the JavaScript programming language. We provide a bunch of indicators on this site (trading software) that's all written in JavaScript and runs on eSignal.

If you have a programming background then the "EFS language" - Esignal Formula Script - which is really JavaScript with a bunch of libraries - will be easiest for you to understand.

On Trade Station they have a language called Easy Language or EL which is not as intuitive to the native programmer like JavaScript is.

I've written indicators in both languages and would chose eSignal's EFS over Trade Stations EL any day.
TradeStation is the premier brokerage trading platform for rule based trading.TradeStation is a Windows-based application,designed,sold and distributed by TradeStation Securities.It will show you step by step instructions on how to get it up and running.My automated signal fire in Tradetsation Securities platform and through the Trademanager but the Email Bridge Trader is not picking them up.
I use tradestation. i like it. the charting and capabilities are great. I can't really say anything really negative, however, on their internal forum, there are plenty of complaints. complaints are mostly about enhancements, something not working right after a version upgrade, etc.
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