Swing Trade. Emini S&P 500. Day to Day Trading.

Swing Trade. Emini S&P 500, 12 days in the market.

This trade was made on Jan 21/2010 (Emini S&P 500). I only traded 1 contract since this was a pullback short play on a long term up trend. Shorting 1 contract at 1110.5, with a protective stop loss at a technical point. Soon after that the market continue the small down trend move, 12 days later I noticed a reversal candle with a clear macd/price divergence. This was enough reason for me to close my position (05/02/2010) at 1059.50 for a 50.50 points move during 12 days and a profit of US$ 1.003 after commissions. Look a chart below.

There are always micro down trends inside a clear up trend that a trader can profit if you know how to do it.

Stay tune for more.

Humberto Malaspina.