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ES March 25 globex, March 26

I have orders to short at 1167.50 and 1167.75 and go long at 1158.75, 1156.25 and 1153.50. This low of the mkt may come at 8CST time.

Then we should move to 1082/1090 and 1200.25.

Good trading.
The shorts have to come first at 1167.50/1167.75 for the low of 1155/1153 to occur at 8 cst time March 26 to be valid. If the longs come first then the 8 cst low time is out and so are the shorts at 1167.50/1167.75.

Good trading
I feel like a kid at the candy store...most times I steal candy, but now and then I get caught by the "bad" guys. And this is for the hard stuff, which you guys do...daytrading.

I will short 1166.50/1166.75 for a retest of 1158.25 area. If I'm correct the low should be in the 1153.50/1158.25 area. The up move may only get to 1163.50/75 and then down. If it blows up and by 1171.25 then I will wait till morning or hourly closes to see "whats Up." Any way I'm long on my daily chart trade...this is how you hedge. Remember, when it hit 1040.75 it closed above 1154.00(key) on the day.

If it does get to 1166.50/1166.75/1167.00 area should be by latest 2:00/3:00 cst. At 12:00 cst it should be around or above 1162.50. No guarantees...ask Citibank...geez wish I could get bailed out from all my loses from 2005/2006...lots,lots, lots of losses. But 14 hour days plying your trade/craft/PASSION will pay off...for you can get to know the "Future."

I'm long ES, YM, TF ( final target is 735 if i'm correct) on my daily chart trades. 1126.25/11364 ES and YM key numbers. ES final initial target is 1211.75. YM yet 11339/11554 overall targets.

Take your chart and draw from 1114.00 to 1176.50 (should make it clear if you use 70.30/62.50/50/37.50/29.70.

This Talisker stuff is good for trading. Especially with "Black Napkins." FZ

Your should listen to FZ and "Black Napkins." The keys/chords/solos, arrangements all have to do with trading...chaos, mastery, art, vision, improvisation ( dare to go where nobody has gone before) and pure PASSION.

Do you know when every commodity (indices exempted..not enough emini data, but I'm still close) will make a high or low, the year and month into the future for the next 100 years.....the day I do not have as yet!

Are YOU a RebEL??? Do you have a PASSION...Passion of the CHRIST, the RebEl.

Good trading
Concerning the post above...

thats 2:00/3:00 AM March 26 and 12:oo midnight..24:00 hours cst March 25 regarding the 1162.50 close

So come Midinight March 25...12:01 AM March 26...ES may be at or around 1162.50.

Hopefully, I've been "Good to your earhole." Funkadelic...1975

Good Trading
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