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ES Short Term Trading 4/13/10

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I'm avoiding longs and trading for the 90.50 retest in the day session first..small short from 92 even now.....tight range so tight profits......if we can break that 88 low we should try for the 85's and the 81.50...we are gonna need some good volume on that break otherwise we can expect more crappy trade.

Obviously the odds of a trend are increasing the more we consolidate...lots of folks looking for the selloff...including me so we need to be on our guard for the rally and the attempt at the trade above yesterdays highs needs close attention...not a great read today as the range is just too small for my world
I got I nice 2 points from my 1192 bounce to 1190. Good nice movement. It should be getting to our 1188.25 target zone soon.
If we see that the market is ramping over 1192.75 we could se a good movement to 1194.25.
went market to exit at 86.25...close to my key of 85.50.....which is weekly pivot
trading for the 88 - 89 retest off lows will take me out now...that's the air pocket
some nice calls you guys.
The one could retest 1189 easy way
It touch and no fill. But we see it will get back again over 1189 area
last runner off at 91.25 and no more trades for me today
LV sits at 89 area so be careful holding longs up here
Thanks Bruce;

volume = Boobs and cleavage.....
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