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PFGBest and It's IB's Fruads!

My name is Ali Imran and I am in the business of introducing to local brokers as well as
futures brokers in U.S.A.
I am introducing clients from last 7 years and it is my only earning source.I usualy get
$2.00 from each trade. I intorduced number of clients to PFGBest through and IB "TRADINGXPERT".
All my clients were trading themselves. My some clients went in debit of about $200and my IB
deducted the amount from my payout (as agreed b/w us) and I have no objection on it.
In last month my IB told that the debit accounts those were in a debit of $200 are now debit upto
$500 and some or even more that this. So I have to pay for that. I told my IB it is not fair and not
informed me when I joined you. My IB said I will talk to PFG, than my IB told that PFG saying that they
can charge any amount at any time without any notification. so I have to pay that.
Then I went in detail further and found some interesting things aobut PFGBest. They were charging higher
exchange fees to all my clients that I referred. When I contacted my IB, the reply was PFG saying that they can
charge any fee and the fees that were being charges had a difference of more then $0.80 per trade.
I told my IB that it is not a good way to do business, but my IB told that I can't do anything in this and
IB forwarded me some emails from PFGBest in which they mentioned that they can charge any fee, any time and
without any notification.
I than closed my 1 account with PFG, so I may open with another FCM through another IB.
There again goes another thing, the wire fee is $30 and they charged $60 for that wire. Anyhow the account was
Now in this month my IB is not paying my payout and saying PFG not payig and PFG stopped the payement due to the
problem of another account. Now I have about $16,000 due to may IB and my IB is saying that will be paid only when
PFG will pay.
It clearly seems that there is something wrong with PFG and PFG looting the money of people and teir IB joining hands
with them in this matter. I told my IB to contact NFA for this, and when all information sent to NFA and NFA replied that
they did not see anything wrong in it. (I have no proof that what NFA replied because IB told me that NFA replied like this)
I hve all the proofs of statements and some emails. And I need help that how can I get my hard earned $16,000 from PFG and my IB
You need a lawyer not a forum. All dealings between yourself and the broker or agency would have been done under their standard contract or a contract that you agree to.

Get hold of a lawyer who specializes in this sort of thing and if your claim is legitimate then they will advise you of such.
problem is that I am from Pakistan and I am not sure how to contact lawyer there in USA and what will be the process.
Yes, I know that I need a lawyer but the problem is I have no contract with PFG as my IB has. Do you think I can file a case in this way? If it is so I am going to file one. I have contract with my IB and I already register the complaint against them in local authorities and they are just saying PFG not paying us so how we can pay you.
I will be thankful if anybody provides me the data.
maybe try a complaint with finra.
Thank I am going to call them.
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