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ES Apr 27 Hi-Lo

Hi 1211.75

Lo: 1197.75
This was supposed to happen tommorrow, April 28...oh well.

A break of 1197.75 on a 15 minute made sure I was wrong.

My comment Friday on the WW should have been on your mind at 1175.75.

The WW was perfect and actually made Friday, with Monday the set up. I was expecting one more day of lower high at 1211.75 and 1211-1210.50 close.

Draw your lines from 1040.75-1216.75 and 1084.75 1177.75 is very close to 1177.55

The other numbers are in play 1167/1164.50/1150. So far they have respected the 29.70 and 37.50 retraces.

Remember 53 pt down from 1216.75 or at most a drop to 1128/29 area.

After this dust settles, we are going up to 1240/1256/1270 area.
Good call on the 1177.5 low of the day
Thanks rich.

There is probably not one person who got the full points here. This time I did not get it...Perfection works most of the time...many times.

Nonetheless...1216 or 1207 or 1209 to 1177/1176 as I stated was the target...much in advance.

The best piece of advice I can give you is trade less often, but trade big. Most traders have a concept of trading and it can be referred as "Big Hat NO Cattle."

Don't become one.

You don't need any courses, nor any indicators...I use NONE.

Most courses, and trading rooms I went to in 2005/06/07 were all useless, except.."Trader God." He was the best...2,500% return.

Time spent on a passion and belief in the 'RebEL" will tell you all.

The "Future is known to those that the RebEL....Jesus"..........Abraham.

Good luck.
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