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ES 1143.75 is the number

I'm short at 1144.50. Any close above 1144.75 15 min/10 min I'm out. I'm letting it run.

If I'm out then No trade till May 18 plays out.
I'm out at 1146.50...1145 close on the 945, was no fake out.

Targets up are 1151/1155 and 1168.75.

Let's see what May 18 brings. If it closes below 1143.75 resistance 1144.50 on a 15 or 30 minute I may take another short.
You all should be short from 1143.50. 15 & 30 synchronicity.

1135.75/1136.75 are important numbers as resistance.

Only target not hit on the shelf of 1135.75 is 1103.75/1105.75.

Gap fill may come may not in globex if it is to happen. Let May 18 unfold.

Remember I'm long on the daily for a while so I play my daytrade differently.

1143.00 is my buy stop worse case scenario.

The ideal pattern was for them to get to 1151/1154 in May 17 globex..they did not.

They threw me off yesterday, but I keep coming back, most times for profit and sometimes for punishment.

Good Trading.
For your daytraders there was another 20 pt trade...1143.50-1122.50.

Yesterday- May 17- was also a 20 pt trade from 1135.75-1115. 2 days 40 pts. 2,500% a la 'trader god.' Yes, let it run, like playing your guitar...just play those '70's... 20 minute solos.

Even in my previous Hi-Lo posts ( some accurate, some pt adjusted and some wrong) you still made 20 pt+ days ( 1 or 2 trades) or 0.

There has never been one trading room since 2005 where I found 20 pt trades, except for trader god!!

So in 2 days 40 pts, losses 0 or 2 pts ( my 2 day losses are 6.5 pts). Right now my 1143 is giving me 25 pts and counting. There is no better trader than 'Trader God' on the ES...who knows I may be him.

You will NOT find 1 trading room nor blog/site where you will find this. Why...because its my own.

Who needs indicators when all you need is the key number. I'm trading of 32 commoditiy charts and finding the key number on each of them albiet the daily/weekly is a lot of fun and profit with the rudimentary losses.

I do not concentrate on ES..its easier making money trading sugar, coffee, OJ, cattle etc, but when I do nobody better in the 20 pt trade.

Who says you cannot make money letting a trade run? You just have to know the key number and the targets and its not from the ratios I use.

I do not need to post fancy charts etc. to make 20 pt days.
Hey Pastor Pipenator ... bust out with another flow-of-consciousness raging sermon ... I like those much more better gooder ... woooot!

Little hairy monkey souls need a savin' too. When I die, goin' to heaven, with 72 'nanners from 7-11.
Nice one meat.

As nobody gets the other point, nobody gets this one.

May 18 summary:

" I may take a short with 1143.50 with 1144.50 resistance."

" Let May 18 run. Let May 18 unfold."

" The ONLY NUMBER O/N THE SHELF NOT HIT IS 1103.75-1105.75."

Maybe those "guys" heard me and stopped at 1106.00!!!!

If you want 20 PT days as easy as I get them, right from the first should listen to my good deeder sermons. It might just save America, but you people too busy being fooled by your friend.

The point of my exercise is to show you how easy it is to make so many pts from the RebEL Jesus. All Christians ministries and Churches have it wrong.

I made 37.25 pts.... 1143.50-1106.25...just like Buffet.

For whoever does not believe the RebEL Jesus is the enemy. Three books New testament, Koran, Talmud. Which one does not believe? You can read the bible and Koran.... now go and read Zohar, Sanhedrin etc. Go ask the Neutri Karta they have a point and others deemed the 'Enemy.'

No Christian controls any "power' in America. When 4% of the population control 96%...there is something wrong. Why you think America is broke and so many foreclosures, poor Christian people and Christian dying for foolish wars just to save somebody else. You too scared, ignorant or stupid to get the facts.

Now they give you Illegal immigration. White Christians vs Black Christian; White Christians vs Latino Christians...notice common denominator is "Christians."

This last 2 days you had 57 pts and since my broadcasts you have an easy 150-200 pts....probably more. I've yet to see any room since 2005 give me that except 'Trader God.' Funny how "God" was in his name.

I stick with the RebEL Jesus for the 'Future is known." Maybe you better see the movie 2012 again.

Good luck in your trading and my suggestion is to listen to those sermons like Woody Harrelson was proclaiming in the movie 2012.

Of course the choice is yours, but it might save the Christian population in America...only the people can save it as the founding fathers told us. And its time for people to wake up for it you don't they won't be ANY TRADING.

Good Luck...Abraham, Issac, David and the RebeL Jesus.
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