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Trading room 5766

anyone trading with "Alexander Trading"? I need an input about his room I appreciate any information good or bad, also about Trade the Gap any information?
No, but I have Alexanders book and I get the impression he is a truely nice guy. His book is excellent if you like MP. He also uses internals. You probably know all that though. Let us know if you take his trial , I think he gives 5 days...
BruceM. Do you understand Alexander book? is it easy to learn or you need the $1000 seminar to follow in order for one to understand him?
Bye the way I don't care if a guy is good or bad, I want to make money in this busniss, so far I just spend money for books and seminars without getting any income back, I hope you do better.
yes I will try his 2 weeks trial soon. Thank you for your reply
I think you need to know market profile so the dalton book is the way to go. Then as you get more familiar go to Alexanders will be easy for you to learn by then....I usually suggest JPJ 's room so that may be good for you
You can get a listing of the Market Profile books here including Dalton's two books.
Thanks again, I just ordered the book from Amazon, I hope to attend jpj trading room as well, Take care, I hope I will be able to help you some day as well
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