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My favorite trading books

I thought I would share my list of favorite (trading) books :

For new traders, highly recommended reading before anything else :

- Reminiscence of a Stock Operator – Edwin Lefèvre (Jesse Livermore’s life)

- How Legendary Traders made Millions – John Boik (100 years of market & trading history)

- Trader Vic II – Principle of Professional Speculation – Victor Sperandeo (the 1st half of the book is an absolute must read re. economic fundamentals and their impact on the market)

- Enhancing Trader Performance – Brett N. Steenbarger (key reading re. trading education, training & psychology)

- Market Wizards 1..3 – Jack D. Schwager (interviews with top traders – shows how many different trading styles / approaches can all be successful)

After reading these books, one should have a good idea if they want to continue their trading education or not … the following books highlight various aspects of investing / trading :

- Come to my trading room – Dr Alexander Elder (a good introduction to trading as a business)

- Trade your way to financial freedom – Van K. Tharp (a more advanced book on trading as a business, key reading)

- Trading in the Zone – Mark Douglas (another key reading re. trading psychology)

- Trading Rules That Work – Jason A. Jankobsky

- Trader Vic – Methods of a Wall Street Master – Victor Sperandeo (his 1st book, contains more practical aspects re. trading)

- How to make money in Stocks – William O’Neil (a must read for those considering *investing* in stocks)

- How to make money Selling Stocks Short - William O’Neil

The following books are more “technical” – they provide building blocks to build ones own investing / trading system :

- Technical Analysis of Stock Trend – R. Edwards & J. Magee (the “bible” of visual technical analysis, and associated trading tactics)

- Dynamic Trading – Robert C. Miner (a must read, for practical trading of Elliot Impulse Waves & Corrections using Fibonacci)

- Trading with DiNapoli Levels – Joe DiNapoli (a solid introduction to trading using Fibonacci)

- Precision Trading with Stevenson Price and Time targets – J.R. Stevenson

- Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros – Suri Duddella

- Mind over Markets – Jim Dalton, Eric Jones (the best introductory book on Market Profile )

- Markets in Profile – Jim Dalton, Eric Jones (builds on prior book, more oriented towards understanding market structure / behavior using MP & trading off of it)

I have quite a few technical analysis "bibles" (Murphy, Kaufman) which I find as useful for trading as a phone book for making new friends.

There are probably more good trading books out there ... suggestions ?
If anybody's looking for these books then most of them can be found at the Books Link where there's another summary about each one. There's also a category link there to group the books.
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