Trading Support & Resistance in the Dow & Bond

Trading Support & Resistance in the Dow & Bond Markets

Live Event Simulcast from the Las Vegas Traders Expo
December 14, 2005 @ 5 PM Chicago / 6 PM Eastern time.,3206,1058+33075,00.html

Learn how CBOT members and trading educators Jack Broz & Saul Shaoul focus their daily trading around critical support and resistance levels provided by trend lines, retracements, and order book flow. In addition, Jack & Saul will discuss how larger market economics, such as the re-issuance of 30-yr. US Treasury bonds, can provide trading opportunity.

About the Speakers
Jack Broz has been trading at the CBOT since 1996. Jack traded U.S. Treasury Bond and Dow futures on the CBOT floor, moving off the floor and onto the screen as market volume became increasingly electronic. Today, Jack trades and educates traders via his newsletter service and online chat room at The Marlin Letter chat room is run live from the CBOT trading floor, focusing on trading U.S. Treasury and CBOT mini-sized Dow futures.

Saul Shaoul has been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade since 1985. From 1985 through 2001 he was one of the most active traders in the 30-year US Treasury bond pit. With the suspension of T-bond issuance by the US Treasury in 2001, coupled with the inroads computerized trading was making in the marketplace, Saul started to supplement his pit trades with trades on the computer. In 2004, Saul joined forces with Jack Broz in running the Marlin Letter. Today, Saul usually trades in the CBOT bond pit for the first few hours of the day before moving to Marlin's office where he continues to trade on the computer until 4pm. Since 2003, Saul has also traded the mini-sized Dow along with the bonds. As Vice President of Trading, Saul's knowledge of the bonds and mini-sized Dow has helped many Marlin subscribers become more successful in their trading.