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Air Pocket?

Can anyone take a look at this chart and confirm whether these are truly air pockets? Not sure if they are b/c of the candles to the left from August 11. Does an air pocket not have to have anything to the left of it?


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as I understand air as described by Bruce, what you have marked is air.

one of the ingredients for proper air is that the bar closes at either a new H or a new Low for the RTH session.
Yes Wendy those are air pockets. The right side of the chart is what matters.
there is really nothing magical about the 5 minute chart.....what you really want to do is dial it down and see where the volume came it to create those air pockets.....

You want to know the prices that will be the attractors back...the rest of it is just folks riding along the tails of the big money/volume. Best to combine the two 1)the volume comes in strong and 2) folks get on board and push the market to new highs or lows...when they can't sustain the move it will drift back...

when the volume keeps coming in then we trend and the air pockets don't fill and you get those evil stair step patterns that faders hate and trenders love...
I have marked the four key prices that created the air pockets today. These are based on volume. I didn't mark off the first few minutes of RTH as we often have high volume there and at the 4 PM close.

The air pockets are created because this big volume comes in first.
Click image for original size
Thanks for the chart and additional explanations, Bruce.
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