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ES short term trading 8-20-10

Zones I'm watching on Friday and further ( i had to edit these due to a data problem)

1089 - 92.75
1075 - 1078.50

1068 - 70.25****

67.50 still needs work from below 65...but can't find entry
they are working on resolving that 66 - 68 area...need to be careful the next time they break it away from there...
Ym hasn't closed it's gap and NQ didn't take out YD lows.....just thinking out loud...bias is to upside in general..stuck inside hour range too..
micro gap at 68.50
5 min PRC with projection of 1067 in the general area of PRC band. That is where the big volume is on the board right now.

Click image for original size
yes Lorn...u know the drill...failure to extend range with Volume will drift back to VWAP...66 - 68 zone still working
While doing some research I came across this post on Dr. Brett's fine blog.

The Reason I Don't Partner With Your Firm is Because You Are Cheap Whores

* You are a forex brokerage that lures small accounts with enticing promises of huge leverage;

* You are a "prop firm" that requires traders to pay big bucks to join, drastically limit the size that can be traded, charge ridiculous commissions to traders, and toss traders (or ask for more money) when you've milked them dry;

* You are a trading guru that touts your trading prowess (with no evidence of success), but offer nothing more than off-the-shelf technical "setups" that are readily available in the public domain;

* You are a trading coach that promises success without offering substantive trading guidance (and without showing evidence of substantive trading knowledge);

* You are a brokerage house that executes a fixed income trade for me and then busts the trade and offers the same trade now at a much worse price (yes, this happened to me this past week);

* You sell inferior trading software with breathless promises and faulty logic;

* You offer seminars that offer nothing but infomercial sales pitches to attendees;

All of you have solicited my partnership and support in the past month.

Go f*** yourselves.
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