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Noone comments on MP Charts in Chart Forum

since I have been posting the S&P and Bond MP charts in the Chart only 1 person on one day ever posted any kind of genuine return comment or questions. I consequently am looking for feedback. Am I giving you exactly what you want ?? and the comments and explanations that I post are answering all your possible questions ?? or that I am giving you EXACTLY what you want ?? I can't believe this to be the case so consequently as I don't do this just for fun I am asking for feedback otherwise I lack incentive to continue
I've been looking at your charts and reading your comments which I find insightful. I'd be very sorry to see you stop posting them. I am too new to trading to ask intelligent questions about them yet. What I would find helpful would be possible trade setups for the next day based on the market action that we saw today and strategies based on that.
Hey alleyb, Your charts are excellent and educational. I too would be sorry to see you stopping them. I apologize that I don't have more time and knowledge to comment on them and ask questions abouts them.
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