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MP Option expiry for stks and Bonds squeeze

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March S&P dealing with Option expiry and run off of December this Friday. No realy comments except to say  < 1273 watch out.  break 10928 in Dow and batten the hatches down becasue possible in both markets we would then have neutral and neutral = much lower

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I gave you the tgts of 112.11 possibly 112.18 but then they accelerated above to 113.05.  Do we need to fill out lower first in some sort of balancing day ?
Alleyb: Do you use the same strategy on a Fed Day (yesterday) as you do on any other day? Or do you modify your Market Profile strategies to take into account the anticipated increase in volatility after the announcement?
The short answer is that the funnymentals will always eventually catch up to the price so no change regarless of news. Now event risk is something different
Okay so with respect to event risk: How do you modify your trading (with or without Market Profile) to take into account event risk.

If we talk specifically then let's look at Fed Days as an event risk.

I know that some traders don't even "come to work" on Fed Days while others will be flat going into the Fed announcement. Others will hold their positions if they have a buffer profit in place and then stop out at break-even etc.

What is your Fed Day (or other event day) strategy compared to these?

Event risk I catorgarise as 9/11 or Katrina But assuming for one moment that you have a non perfect entry on a FED day in that case you will be anxious about your position. and the short answer is frankly so what. You have your risk management in place to risk x and therefore only the ill-disciplined will be taken to task by a news report or a FED day. If you have a perfect entry then where's the problem, you won't be anxious at all. I refer to anxiety not in an emotional way of like omg panic panic but in a sould questioning way of asking that question, Do I have the right entry, am I reading the market correctly etc
that makes sense - I was thinking of event risk in terms of anticipated events such as fed days and not unanticipated events or shock events.
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