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CBOT Advanced Technical Trading Strategies

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The CBOT will host an Advanced Technical Trading Strategies Workshop February 27th through March 3rd, 2006 with Dan Gramza. This five day course will be held from 2:30pm to 5:30pm on each day and will examine standard and unique applications of a variety of technical trading techniques including various proprietary approaches. Over 15 different proprietary methods of applying mathematical studies will be examined in detail. These techniques will be applied to current markets selected by the attendees. Both conservative and aggressive trading strategies will be covered.

Topics include:

Section 1: Technical Trading Strategy Evaluation

What Do You Want From A Technical Trading Strategy?
Essential Considerations When Combining Technical Trading Techniques
Disparity Analysis of Technical Trading Techniques
Section 2: Trend Analysis
Speed Lines
Gann Time/Price Angles
Andrews’ Pitchfork
Section 3: Volume Analysis
Volume Displays
Cumulative Volume
On Balance Volume
Average Balance Volume
Variable Accumulation Distribution
Volume Accumulation Oscillator
Section 4: Elliott Wave

Wave Construction
Section 5: Price Overlay Studies

Bollinger Bands
Keltner Channel
MESA Studies
Section 6: Oscillators

Oscillator Characteristics

Range Based Oscillators
1. Stochastics
2. RSI
3. Directional Movement Index
4. Average Directional Movement Index
5. Accumulation Distribution
6. Williams % R

Zero Based
1. Acceleration
2. High/Low Oscillator
3. Moving Average Convergence/Divergence
4. MACD Oscillator
5. Moving Average Momentum
6. Directional Movement Oscillator

Oscillator Applications

The cost for the full five days is $325. The course is offered free to CBOT members.
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