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opening and closing prices TF

The MyPivots site is giving an opening price of 758.6 for 7th December TF Ice Russell December contract. Ice site gives the opening price of 759.2. Mypivots close 764, Ice site close 762.5. The high of 771 and low of 758.4 are the same on both sites. Any idea why the discrepancies with the opening and closing prices?

I have just realised I made a mistake as I quoted last trade price not settlement, which was the same as MyPivots, 764. Apologies for any confusion. I am still wondering about the opening price though.
Any chance that you got the contracts mixed up?

There's the contract that's going to rollover today:
ICE Russell 2000 Mini December 2010

and there's the contract that's going to be the lead tomorrow:
ICE Russell 2000 Mini March 2011
Hi, I just double checked. No, pretty sure I haven't mixed them up. Here are the Ice numbers followed by the MyPivots numbers. All identical apart from the opening price.

Open# 75920
High 77100
Low 75840
Close# 76250
Settle Price 76400

TF Z0 ICE Russell 2000 Mini December 2010
Open 758.6 1.6
High 771.0 9.0
Low 758.4 8.7
Close 764.0 4.6
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