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And Now from the Steve Allen Show......we have

Frank Zappa...and he plays music on his bicycle.

Yes it happened. Late 1950's. And Frank became an savant genius. I loved his guitar playing...but he only cared for composing as he "grew" up.

Last I left off...I had mentioned (late April 2010) the ES was going to 1307 or 990 by or before August 2010. Not bad...1002. Now we at 1232 area. Yes we should see either 1260...but my bet is 1307-1320 by Jan or latest April 2011.

How does a person project the numbers into the future so time can be tough and I had my faux pas...but when you look at 32 markets can slip up.

NOnetheless...the DX did get to 78-76...and I told you that in Jan 2010. Now if I told you exactly how it will happpen all the time...I will end up in Jail and I don't the devil/Japheth is too powerful on EArth, but he knows what is in store for him at the end and ALL the people who are with him ((98.999% will be destroyed in the in between he corrupts, kills, maims, fools, fills all with porn, lies, cheats, globalization etc.

Its very easy to know the future from a position trading stand point. Intraday I'm 85% there...but I at most will get to 90%. The ReBel Jesus will not let me go any further....I'm only human and not god.

Why in America 40 million people ( White/Black/latino) Broke. Stand up and kick the powers they did in Germany. Yes, they had it correct...don't be fooled by lies. Its you kids and your why are you broke.

Those other people are in their mansions with millions and billions, making rules, determining your life and buying out the crypto Christians. These are dogs.

Oh yeah...Madoff....means...Made...Off with loot.

Happy New Year.

"Fight the power..that be." Funny how a black song in 1990 now relates to BROKE white people. Truth is in you face....act and react and kick out the devils in Congress.
pips is this from one of those murrey math articles?
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