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2011 aah....

when the J boys in Congress told me...I did not really care.

Now, its going to the dogs in 2011. There will be a drop at different times in the commodities. GC after Feb 2011 SI then too, ES, YM etc. Some will fall from Jan, some in Feb, some in March etc.

The great plays should be Nat gas...long, Coffee long....these by latest June 2011. Then...??

I had told you in late 2008 or 2009 that cotton was going to make a great high in 2012...well its on its way. This one trade along with wheat in 2009 and YOU are RETIRED FOR LIFE. So why are you wasting your time on the crooked ES??

OH yeah I trade ES position and day trade it..but the daytrade is for ego. The real money is position and just buy up some more carats at the ?????

Latest news Russell Abrams some guru Hedge Fund mgm..loses 70 million dollars and is getting sued.

Simple. If you do not want to lose money...."Dont give your money to the wrong religion." Check it out...who is rich and why are you broke!!!

Well till next well, wake up and get the real truth before the White Christian race is dead ( I'm not even white and I have to wake you folks) are really being fooled and its not black or latino...they have NO POWER.

Merry Christmas.....can I still say this in America!!! Happy New Year
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