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ES Short term trading 12-17-10

OPt. Expiration today......they may do a very quick move off open print so being cautious of that move....prefer a trade and open above yesterdays close to target gap fill..dismal On range again...

41 - 43 is key upside as that is weekly OPen and R1 today...

I was thinking that 25 or 50 rat needs to print which would require an expansin of range a seems 50 is more likely but hope I'm wrong on that
Hitting the 3rd dev band on the upside of VWAP now...lets see if a pullback occurs or do prices just bust straight through 40.

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footprint 12172010a
this day is done for me at 39.75...they may still push up to 41.50 - 43 but I can't wait and that air pocket below is supsect....and more importantly is that I have no ammo!
that early consolidation would kep me off any fades even though volume sucks....I'd rather take the fade up at 42 - 43 but I'm done and won't trade anymore...
Have a great weekend Bruce.
u too Lorn...look at that weekly open....stopped it cold on the rally but the coolest thing for me today was the triple that formed right at todays open print...never seen that before but it was a cool magnet off the 35 number...

all air pockets filled....again!!
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