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ES short term trading 12-20-10

Selling at 43.50 ......good chance for at least 39 - 40 retest...but this will be on a time we need to get back there in the first 45 minutes of RTH...will watch official open print for 1/2 gap fill

If these two targets don't hit in the first 45 minutes then we have the potential to trend higher as a trend day today....we know the 50 RAT looms above

Key for me as far as price action will be a hold ABOVE 44.50 as that is R2 and current O/N high and if that happens then this short will lose
Here is the O/N Profile. Something of note is this O/N action has traded both above AND below Fridays range...

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Trying to find support on VWAP here. Will be telling for the rest of the day if VWAP holds.

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footprint 12202010
Here is a look at the breakdown through VWAP. You can see from all the red blocks even above the VWAP that there was no real buying happening. Who wants to buy the highs, rather wait for a pullback right?

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footprint 12202010a
flat at 37.75......PV and close may jerk it around and air above...not trading for that unless a great signal to get long...
I'd like to see them push up into the LVN from today and find a short to get triples at 37.75..we don't want to see them run out of YD range though
if it was a better time I'b trying to sell above the midpoint of 40.....but gonna pass and eat lunch!!
all air is filled now...a missed trade...two sets of triples now sit below 40 midpoint shorts are preferred up here
this is second try to come out of YD RTH range...the first was the higher gap now we need get back under that high of YD before attempting the triple run out's just a safer fade
now three sets of triples often do we get three higher triples forming without running out at least one of them? If not more....

selling into this 42.50 area would need to risk into 45 area as that would make a perfect symetric day on both sides of 60 minute range in case bulls keep pushing
trading for a 41 retest off 42.50...lunch is over for me....but keeping it light anyway..not giving much back today if wrong!!
45 - 47 is key Resistence in O/N...hitting that now!!
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