Where can I find: YM- GLOBEX Lows, Highs and Close on 'MY PIVOTS'.com ??

I want to find overnight , most recent

GLOBEX Highs , Lows , Closing prices for the YM emini ??

I can find yesterday's Globex numbers , but not

within the last 18 hours, which essentially is the most

important numbers for trading each morning.

It is the numbers from 4:30pm ET to the next
morning just before the 09:30 am ET open that are
key to helping traders.

Anyone know the solution ?
Most appreciated if you can post this .
Many Thanks,
If I understand you correctly you're looking for this page:

To find the daily notes index page you can click the Daily Notes link at the top of any page which will take you to this page:

Let me know if that's what you were looking for?