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Has anyone been through his course. He has been around for 17 years and it is hard to find anything negative about him on any websites.
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Has anyone been through his course. He has been around for 17 years and it is hard to find anything negative about him on any websites.

Yes, he claims to be a 20 year day trading expert, but his site shows no evidence of his trading prowess or correct me if I got it wrong. Not my type of an expert.
Uh ... GOOGLE. It's a search engine thingy, unless they took a compromising pic of you in your underwear watering your front yard on their street pics. Then it's an evil and invasive corporate entity. Anyway, here's one site I found fwiw that may be helpful.

That's something from another trading forum. I never rely on the opinions from trading forums when doing my DD. It makes little sense to trust the opinions of strangers knowing how badly trading forums are manipulated by vendors, their shills, or by trolls who are too clueless to know what they are talking about but often mischievous enough to do it anyway.

One of the most manipulated, sleazy forums is the Big Mike Trading forum. You can read about it here:

Your mileage may vary, as they say, and that's another reason why I don't pay attention to what they say on trading forums and may even approach it in a contrarian manner if what they say disagrees with my opinion. I have found this approach useful not only in trading.

I can easily get all the information I want and find relevant from a vendor's site or through email correspondence with him. Sometimes what's lacking on the vendor's site is most telling. For instance, no results, and that means no deal for me. Why waste time and money on some magic indicators no one ever made any money with. Simple as that.

This particular vendor, as I said before, shows no evidence that his ideas make him money and that's already enough for me. Next, please!
I could not agree more with trading_legend
You just never know who ranks vendors, and I find that beginners expectation from any trading course are unreasonable.
They expect a consistent cash flow, etc. Most on the forum are paper traders while writing as if they traded for 20 years...easy to impress a beginner.

As for the day trading course with Paul Q, it's not bad. I had a friend who took it and from what I saw it was ok.
My understanding is that he pushes some software along with the course, and that could be of value(?)

What I find most frustrating is that most vendors do not trade. It's getting tired with the "I have no time" and "I love to teach"
Why doesn't anyone say "I sell you a product, and I love to make money" at least they would be honest.