Travellin Riverside Blues...Led Zeppelin

What a beautiful song...all soul...Plant and Page and the gang at its best...but

All the great music was from Black musicians....white people just stole it and made a lot of money from it...Truth. But who were the agents for all the white musicians that made it big in the 60's, 70's and later.

"Offer you can't refuse."

Beatles was an Epstein. You go check out the rest.

While our Christian brethren bust our get good..."japheth" who controls the music industry dictates all.

Parliament/Funkadelic was the best rock and roll band from the late 60's ( after JIMI) till the end of the 70's. Yes, better than Led, Santana, Zappa, Sabbath, VH, Stones, Beatles...etc.

Notice how only the white bands made it big then..financially....they ripped of the music form 50 years ago from Black musicians....

Now who sold you these goods...."Find the religion...then find the people."...ReBel Jesus.

This above narrative is no different in trading. How do I know th future so well? Find who the devil is and what and how he will destroy you...and he is doing it...then you will know the future in trading and in life.

"For if ye knew Abraham ye will know me...for I am before Abraham and am NOW, but ye do not KNOW Abraham and so you do NOT now me." ReBeL Jesus

A ReBeL in spirit is better than a rebel in flesh...that is why the drug lord in South America is closer to the ReBeL than the preachers in America..for one does good deeds by making money from the devil while the other preaches what the devil wants YOU to believe.

"Free your mind and your ass will Follow." Parliament

The "Cosmic Slop." Funkadelic..."And the devil sang."

Pips 2011