Exit/Entry Strategies for the SP Emini

I need your input in sharing your exit strategy(s)
for up to 10 contracts.
Mine is: Buy 3 contracts place a stop market order 3 points bellow it. place first profit target of 2 contacts (or 50% whichever is larger) at 3 points profit and second target a 6 points profit.
I forgot to mention this phase, when you have your first profit OF 1 point move your stop to break even, I also considering instead of exiting my first profit target at 3 points just enter a trailing stop order

I suggest you backtest that strategy before risking any money on it.

The problem I see right off the top is moving a stop with 1 point of profit, then waiting for a fill 3 points away. The ES is pretty noisy at that level of granularity, I think you will find your stop is going to be picked off with a high frequency.

For myself, If I am trying to reach a 3 or 4 point profit target, I will tend to hold my stop pat, or trail it very slowly as the trade moves into profitability. Moving a stop to "breakeven" too fast is a very common mistake traders make when trying to trade the ES. The "breakeven" stop gets picked off then the trade runs to the profit target without the trader. What I look at is, did something change ? Did the signal I entered on become invalidated in some way ? What I do not want to have happen is to be stopped out of a perfectly valid trade setup/signal prematurely. As long as the signal is still 100% valid, I need to stay in the trade.

The style you are proposing might work a little better in the more trendy Euro or Crude Oil futures contracts.
I agree PT...just random noise in the market will shake out the 2 -3 point stops unless you are lucky and catch the brief intraday trends.....

I always assume that we trend less than 20 % of the time so the 2 -3 point stops will get run out 80% of the time or more...especially in this low volatility. Even using a 40% trend rate it would still be tough..
I appreciate your responses to my request but...every one here found faults with my exit strategy but failed to provide one, lets hear yours please
you'd have to read the day trading threads as I am more discretionary to really get a feel for mine. My exits and entries are both based on chart points that vary greatly from day to day.
my question should have been what is your STAGED entry/exit