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Guy is K-lined


My current status on Othernet is: K-lined. Reason: Gline evasion and posting of material to a website that violates established policies..

Some of you may have noticed that I have been K-lined from Othernet and I know that a few of you want to know why. Well this is why:

I have developed a web site for hosting the logs of chat rooms:
During this development I put some of the logs from some of the popular Othernet channels onto the site and then contacted the channel owners to show them what I had done.

I had expected the channel owners to be interested in this project and to discuss this with me but the next thing I knew I was K-lined from Othernet.

I managed to log onto othernet from an internet cafe and entered the #help channel. There I chatted with dogbert in order to get this resolved. He said that he would not remove the K-line until I took down the pages. I said "hang on 5 minutes" while I went off and took down the pages but when I came back to the chat room a few minutes later he had K-lined me again and I couldn't tell him what I'd done.

I then went to the Othernet web site and using their email form sent them this email:

To: Othernet
Date: Dec 16, 2005 8:44 PM

I was under the impression that I was doing a great service to the Othernet IRC community when setting up and would like to talk to you guys about this project of mine and how it can benefit Othernet.

For example, I am writing a search page for - this will allow users to find posts from previous days - myself and others are often saying "hey, so and so posted a link to that 2 days ago but i can't remember what it was."

Anyway, that is just one of the features that I thought people would find useful. I plan on adding many other features.

I have approached this in the wrong way because I put up channel logs before asking for permission. I have disabled all of those channels and would like to talk to the channel owners about how I can benefit the channels with this site. I apologize for the offense that I have caused.

I hope that someone will agree to talk to me. I can be contact by email, Skype or phone.

I truly believe that this site will be a great benefit to Othernet and the trading community.


I didn't receive a response and so I sent another email via the same method a bit later:

Date: Dec 19, 2005 9:53 PM

I haven't heard anything back from Othernet since my last email.

On Friday Dogbert told me to remove the channels from (which I did within 2 minutes of him saying so) and that he would lift the K/G-Line - but so far I am still K/G-Lined.

Please could someone email me with the current status.



I'm not sure if any of you have any suggestions or ideas about how I can resolve this? I admit that I was wrong to post the channel logs before seeking the channel owners' persmission and wish to discuss this with them but this appears to be impossible to do because I can't get to Othernet anymore.
can you get a message to #Help via another user? i can logon and pass along info, details, etc. if you need some help.

if you need, you can email me or we can go to JPJT or another common area.

just let me know

take care

Hi omni,

That might work. It's difficult to work out who I should talk to. Perhaps you can go into #help and refer them to this thread here and ask them for advice.

Much appreciated if you could do that.
i'm chatting with master right now.

take care


BTW: master advised sending another email to [email protected] i wasn't sure what addy you used, but advised master that i would pass it along to you. what's your mIRC nickname? also, master advised he will pass along the info to Dogbert.

any update on the K-line situation?

take care

Thanks for the help Omni. I've just sent them an email now.
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