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Polynomial Regression Channel Bands

There are many requests on the forum (usually directed at KoolBlue) for the PRC Channel indicator. If you are a Ninja Trader user then you can download this indicator from our Dictionary Definition here: PRC Bands

or directly from this link here:
Click link to access uploaded file:

If you have any questions about this indicator then please post them as a reply to this topic.

Example chart:
Click image for original size
It is a pretty nifty little chart tool.
How do I get the channels for this indicator?

My set up is: 3, 144, 2, 2.618, 34, 34
Sierra Charts has the PRC indicator in their Custom Studies
I use ninja trader.

As far as I can tell, the indicator is fine. It's how I have it set up. My charts show a solid line above and below. I want two lines (a channel) above and below.
Hello ETM,

Change the following settings to "True" as indicated on the chart below.


Click image for original size
es prc2 settings
Thanks Eric. That did the trick.

Does anyone have an explanation of what this indicator is/does? It looks like the best thing since sliced bread, but I'd like to know the variables being used, as well as any methods it's key to.
Has this one been done in thinkscript? Thanks.
Ok I have been looking on my ninja trader and cant find it amongst the indicators has it been renamed?
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