ES key numbers for 3-8-11

1326 - Volume spike and near Mondays highs

1318.50 - 1320 This is the key volume price from Mondays trade and where the volume came in to breakdown the market - Critical prices here!! Single prints began with volume here

1311 - Volume magnet price

1306 - 1307.25 - a double bottom formed here and then volume came in -. then price rotated through here many times
1311 is the number that they are messing with in the early session before plan is to get sells on above 12.50 if given the opportunity...otherwise I will look for buys near 1307.....with the main thought that they will bring it back through 1311 again...that is our number in early trade to watch

Bigger time frames are bracketing and we are opening inside Mondays range so I don't expect trends...especially with no reports....fades should work very well today..
Here is the O/N profile.

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that's me in at 1312.25..just in case they run it down again before RTH opens.....
added at 12.50 and flat at 1308.75 in RTH....gotta watch out for 1306 - 1307
looking for trade back to 1311 from down below 1308.50
long 07.75 and it's agressive
all out at 1310...just in case 1311 doesn't print...done for today...good luck all
Just filled those first set of singles at 1314.75 !

Next singles up at 1230.25

Nice Trade Bruce !
super cool volume from today is at 1319.75.....lets see if they want to test it
other two volume nodes from today so far are the 1313.75 and 1308.50...refrences as we go forward..