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buford chart

Well as i thought there r idiots on this site too........

Who cant read charts and dont know technicals.......

A person who could read and knew some technicals would have asked 1000 questions.

And well the f***king charts r not for monkeys and donkeys...

Pulling down 4 charts and u dont seem to understand...and u expect me to pull down 1000 charts??????????????
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Prasad ; your charts show far to much risk for my blood .. but I
don't know how to read them very well either
Dear Prasad,

In this chart, there is a TRIANGLE formation, which is getting ready for a breakout / breakdown. What should be the next prediction???

Dinesh Mishra
Like the picture above... kudos :)
I'm not the brightest star in the sky, but ta me it looks like a chart with 3 ma's & some arrows
CAUTION :: The below chart is not for professional monkeys, monkeys with attitude and monkeys who are capable enough to bang Shakespeare... Such monkeys who think no end of themselves have no business to reply or criticize this post.

The chart has been put up for those Professional Intellectual people who are enlightened or on the path of enlightenment ..... Criticisms and comments are welcome from people who have the capability and capacity to read it.

Professional Monkeys capable enough to bang out Shakespeare's works .... have no business to comment here..... And no need to instruct such Professional Monkeys about where their food can be found.
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