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chart-ex charts

These are really interesting...although I'm not sure I've quite wrapped my head around all the nuances implied (of course, after all of five minutes looking at them, why should I expect to?)

Wondering if anyone out there, more clever than I, has had a chance to peek at the month v. day chart-ex graph for the ES. Interesting, perhaps, to see yesterday's close park itself just below the peak volume level for the month? (Also, this is very close to a P.O.C. concept, is it not?) Might this suggest that the market has its work cut out for it if it would seek to clear this 1275/1276 area, and that this is a good place to look for a reversal today?

You are on the right track
I think (and I could be wrong here) that Market Profile originally attempted to use time-spent-at-price to proxy volume-at-price and from my testing in the past I've found the two to be highly correlated and this is not surprising as the more time spent at a price the more trades are executed there and thus the higher volume at that price.

I've always been a fan of volume over time because time doesn't stop when everyone goes to lunch or sleep but volume does and so anything which is volume based will accurately show activity.

I think that the chart-ex charts will gain more and more popularity as traders realize this.
The ESH6 has been in a sideways trading range of 128500-125125 for the last couple of months. The chart-ex charts pinpoints where the volume accumulation is in this trading range. You can see by the month vs day chart that the monthly low had light volume (rejection of price area). The higher volume distribution for the month starts in the 126300 area, this would become a support area, when and/or if the market backs off its upward trend.
The monthly high and the "new" weekly high made yesterday - 128225- are close enough together in price range, that it is important to look at the volume between these points. The volume starts to ebb around 128350, I would want confirmation of heavy volume to break through this area -128500/128225 - to confirm that the trend is still upwards.
Yesterday's trading range had good volume compared to the weekly volume in the same area, establishing a new weekly high volume area between 128100-127400. displays cumulative volume at price that enables traders to "zone" in on the relative strength or weakness of the price action. This trading tool added to your war chest can confirm entry/exit points both historically and real time
The day/week charts on have been showing good volume for this move, lets watch for confirmation and look at past high volume areas for support when/if the market pulls back
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