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ES trading 4-6-11

Here is that video from last Friday that I re-recorded....Hopefully my new microphone helps with the sound. I also recorded one from today's trade basically showing the same concepts of evolving volume and how it becomes attractors.
No video below? Try this link: new_friday.swf

and here is today:

No video below? Try this link: todaytues.swf

Bid-ask update

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2011 04 061547001
Hi Bruce,
if it's possible, please, can you make one more time video as you've made last week on 04/06/2011.
Unfortunately, those videos are not available anymore, however that was terrific helpful material. And also would you be so kind to explain what kind of charts and tools you've been using to track that information?
I'm using Trade Station and wondering if I can see or create these "footprints" ( I guess this is the way you guys call it) on my software.
Thank you very much in advance
Best regards from Sunshine State !!
the videos show up fine on my desktop but my laptop has some problems bringing them up....Let me ask DT about them......and follow up for you..
I posted more about the problem here:

We'll try and get a fix in there in the next couple of days...
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