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e-mini globex closing data help 663

Hello fellow traders!!

Its great to see a wonderful site like this I have recieved alot of great infomation here.

anyways is there anyone here that knows where i can get 9:15AM closing figures for the mini's ES YM NQ and russel

Don't you mean 16:15 (ET) closing figures?

Whatever figures you're looking for, they are all available for the current day and free on the web site for the contracts that you mentioned.

I believe that the same sort of data is available on the web site for the YM and CBOT contracts.
actually i was looking for the morning close numbers 15 minutes before the cash open.9:15AM

thanks i'll check your links
Usually that kind of data, if you get it free, is delayed by 15 to 20 minutes so you might just squeeze in on the web site by getting it at 9:30.

Otherwise if you have a charting program and subscribe to the E-minis then that will cost you.

Another option that I can think of is open a trading account with a broker like Emini Direct ( because I believe that you get free real time data through them. I don't think that you have to trade but just have an account open with them. They probably have a free 30 day simulation account so you can see what it's like before needing to fund the account.

Let us know how you get on. I'm sure that this is information that everyone here could use.
Good luck!!
Do you mean the large contracts?

E-mini's do not close at 8:15.
I think that he/she was looking for E-mini data just before the cash opened in the morning...
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