ES 5/17/2011 Unfilled Gaps

Good morning!

Watching 4/15 (1316.25) and 4/19 (1308.25) unfilled gaps for support this morning.

ha, don't worry, happens to me all the time
Originally posted by apk781

5/16 rth range 41.25 - 24.75

.618 of monday rth range = 10.2

so if 24.75 - 10.2 = 14.5 is hit then 1.0x extension (16.5) of the range should be achieved @ 308.25 (324.75- 16.5)

I will also add that 52.8% extension is at 1316. Today's low.

thanks for the clarification about the gap. It's kind of ridiculous, I also will reference the 4:00 C for gaps, but the chart I use to keep track of them is close through to 4:15.
I'll have to update that
Speaking of gap fill levels, today's gap fill is at 1327.25, which we have been struggling with for the past 45 min or so.