NinjaTrader Webinar

NinjaTrader Webinar
When: Monday, January 16th at 4:15 PM Eastern Time.

Come see the power of NinjaTrader Version 5!


Order creation and management can be a time consuming and erroneous process especially when trading fast markets, with NinjaTrader, the order execution process is efficient and accurate providing you the edge you need to succeed!

Come join us and learn how NinjaTrader can improve your trading. Some of the features covered in the webinar will be:

Fast order submission and modification
SuperDOM static price ladder
Automatic submission of stop loss and profit targets
Automatic trail stop and breakeven
Advanced simulated stop loss orders
Strategy management
Simulation capabilities
Performance reporting
And much, much more...
Attend today and receive the NinjaTrader free simulation only platform that allows you to practice your trading through NinjaTrader's state of the art simulation engine. Don't wait, register now as space is limited.