ES Predicted Close for 6-2-11

Just following up on what DT recently provided on the site under "daily notes" for futures where you can enter your prognostication ... and I'm focusing on the ES here. Don't know how many folks have entered their prediction for Thursday's close, but once I entered mine, I got to see that I was 4 points away from the average of folks who'd already entered their expectation.

Now, my crystal ball is pretty cloudy, but let's open it up here for a day to see what your call is. Just a fun thang to see who's calling what. I'm calling 1319 for the close. If you've not entered (anonymously) your call, then definitely do it before Thursday's RTH open.

And if ya wanna have more fun, enter it on this thread/topic so we can see who is expecting what for at least one day. Again, just an idea for fun while doing some serious analysis and trading!

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monkey picker
Thanks for starting this MM!

You should also enter it here as well as posting to this topic:

Click the X button next all the other symbols on that page except for the ES M1 symbol to "clear away the clutter" and just focus on the ES. Also, if you're logged in to the web site and go to the Daily Notes page for the ES you should be able to submit your estimate there as well: