How do I find all archived/non-archived posts?

I originally posted the below in the "Trader's Lounge." Perhaps it should have been here. Is going to someone's profile and clicking on "Find all non-archived posts" the only way to see what a member has posted? That method seems to only pull up a fraction of a members' total posts.


Is there a way to find all the past posts of a mypivots member? For instance, when I go to BruceM's profile, I see that he has posted 9,895 times. However, when I click on "Find all non-archived posts by BruceM," I see only three pages of past posts covering 24 different threads. I know that all 9,895 posts weren't posted in just those 24 threads.

So, is there any way to see the rest of the posts?

Hi Isaac - if you go to this undocumented search page:
and narrow down what you are looking for you might have more luck. If, for example, you enter "air" in the Search for field and "BruceM" in the Search by Member field it will return 7 pages which is more than if you just entered BruceM. Not sure if that helps?
Thanks DT I've been wanting to read some of CharterJoe's comments about using RSI. It's hard to retain all the info one can read on here, then a year later you see something & you remember a post that pertains to what you're trying to achieve, this helps. Thank you
Thanks, Day Trading. Yes, that's a help. It would be nice to be able to click on a member's name and see all the posts they've created - but the search tool you pointed me to certainly keeps you in context since you have to enter a search word or phrase along with the member's name.

As staylor455 said, it gets difficult to remember where on mypivots you saw something, so the search function seems vital.

By the way, I have nine posts - am I able to PM? I seem to recall seeing in a thread somewhere that you must have ten posts to use the PM function...
Anybody can PM right away. There are certain trust limits that make your PM's moderated at the beginning but the moderation happens fairly quickly and after that they go straight through. i.e. unless you're sending spam all your PM's will go through within a couple of hours of you sending them.
Great. Thanks for that.