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Shogun Trading is a complete rip-off

Shogun Trading is a ripoff. Shay Horrowitz took tons of money from people when he had the web site but now that web site is defunct and just has adverts on the site and he has started up a new web site called and refuses to answer your emails if you ask him why he changed his name and is generally a scam artist. You have been warned - watch your money dissapear when when he changes his website again.
I sent Shay an email asking him what had happened to his original web site and why he wasn't using it anymore but I didn't get any reply from him. One thing that I noticed is that his original site Best Day Trader is registered in Jamaica. I'm not sure if he took it offshore to Jamaica to avoid being prosecuted by people?

I think that he also owes me money but it's hard to tell. I believe that I earned some affiliate commissions when he was Best Day Trader but I can't get into that affilicate account anymore (because his site has gone) and never received anything from him. I also sent emails to the web site that runs his affiliate program but they also refuse to respond to my emails.

The web site that he is now using (Shogun Trading) has been around since 1999 according to whois. Currently, if you lookup on it comes up with as the title but links to

You are the first person that I've heard of that uses his services and from my experience so far I'd have to agree with you. Of course there could be a logical explanation and if so I'm sure he'll come forward with it.
I've just had another idea. Maybe it's a tax scam/dodge. By registering the site with ads on it in Jamaica he doesn't have to pay tax on the ad revenues? Or maybe it's more difficult for the tax authorities to track down the ad revenue...
Hello, this is Shay Horowitz.

1. I never owned It is owned by a crook that now is a citizen of Jamaica because his wife is, I worked for him for a few years and left when I found out he was stealing from me.

2. I have always owned and when the deal blew up with, I moved back to my own site.

3. The original poster that is making the accusation has never talked to me, has only one post on this board and is making false accusations.

4. day trading, the person that owns was managing the accounts and if you didn't get paid for you affiliate commissions, I am sorry. I hope I can make it up to you. The reason why your emails were not answered is because I had no access to them when I left BDT.

5. Please remove this topic as it is old and contains false accusations.

You can contact me personally at my site if you need more information.

Thanks in advance,

Shay Horowitz
I thought you were the owner of from the late 90's with a "picks" service???
shay WAS and still IS full of baloney. bestdaytrader and shogun are one in the the late nineties bestdaytrader offered a 2 week trial . the trial was unavailable when i became a paid subsciber in 2002. the trade calls were unclear ...nebulous at never really could be sure whether he was long or short... nasty pompous attitude.. unresponsive to questions in the room as well as e mails .i used the service for 2 days and demanded a refund which was refused. i was successful in recving a refund after disputing the charge w my credit card company .STAY AWAY !!! TOTAL SCUMBAG!!!!
I tracked the results with another naz market maker in the late ninties ... spent hours with the charts and the entries/exits and comparing to the posted TRACK RECORD. We ended disappointed, then only could laugh about how someone could pull off such a stunt. In other words, a leopard can't change it's spots, as the old proverbial saw goes. But he can change his website, his trading-call strategery and improve his marketing abilities.

Shoguntrading is just another iteration of it all. And if Shay is real and cares for teaching traders as he describes on his site, I'd invite him to post his actual trades FOR JUST ONE WEEK on this site. That's not asking much since, if it shows well, he'll have a bunch of mypivot members and surfers signing up for his service.

Tossing down the gauntlet here Shay. And if it proves well, I'll be a supporter of you, seriously! Your calls may be great these days after more experience. This is an open invitation from me. Begin a thread here. Would like to see real time results!

The Monkey
In fact, I've still got some printouts from back then of the service ... the ones we vetted. And they looked a lot like this for some of the old timers that are out there and remember seeing a vendor offering something:

Click image for original size
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