How to find traders in your local area?

Does anyone know of a way of how to find traders in your local area? Is there a social networking website or something similar out there, perhaps even on this site? I think I remember elitetrader or T2W having a map of traders where you could contact others if you were a registered user.

Only reason I'm asking is, when I think about it, I know of no one in my area that even remotely knows what I do, so its hard to talk to friends/family about trading. I'm sure there are other traders in my area, I just don't know how to connect with those who would like to meet up (and I'm not talking about a stock trading club that trades once a week or month, I'm talking about good 'ol daytrading traders).

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I live in the boonies so there is no one close to me and it would be too far of a drive to make it feasible so I use Skype to stay in touch with my trading buddies. It works out pretty cool we either text, talk or with the new screen sharing we can share charts. Im always open to talking to fellow Skype ID is rthtrader
Just go to the CME/CBOT... you'll see them everywhere in the vicinity ;)
When I am out, away from the computer I don't talk about trading with anyone unless they ask a straight out question about it ...

That helps me clear the junk out'a my brain ..
Thanks guys, so far good suggestions. I have been trading for a few years now, and I just want to meet some of my counterparts outside of the net....It's really hard to find someone who knows what futures are, and even harder to find someone who know what the e-minis are.

I have met a lot of friends and mentors on the net. But because I know of no one in my area that daytrades, I usually get three types of reactions from friends, family and strangers. Either I'm met with great skepticism, people don't even know what I am talking about, or I am somewhat of a rock star.

Although the rock star element is cool, its not me. But I would like to at least talk to someone in person that understands this stuff...hell, I even thought about advertising for a club, or something of nature just to see if there is anyone local in my area that would respond.

I've found daytrading somewhat of a lonley sport, but thanks to forums like this, at least I know this is real. At one time, I was convinced that the daytraders that were actually making a living were just salesmen. Thank God for the internet, at least I can connect with those who do this for a living.

Once again, thanks!
From time to time a trader will come to our area from Chicago selling their stuff ... they send out info. prior to let folks know they are in town. I think Rich Dad was here last ...

you could attend and may find other traders in your area at that event ...

I went to Rich Dad in the early 2000's. At that time he (Robert Kiyosaki) was solely into real estate, and didn't have much good to say about the stock market. I guess he's shifted gears if he has joined the trading game (and since real estate is down and out).
I have traded with other traders on many many occasions. Me and my dad still trade in the same office. Trading with others is somewhat a negative effect on trading results. I had a friend over recently and was astonished that I made one of my best trades of the week and it only lasted about 15min and went in one direction only. So this could be a very bad thing for this person. Over the years I have found that when people ask me what I do I don't tell them because of the response I get. Something along the lines of I'm in "finance" and they seem interested I'll explain further.
Trading is not a game, I take it very serious I have no reason to show and tell. To me it is not lonely or even boring and I would trade all day and night if I could. I actually have to set hours on when I will trade weekends are with family. But I would invite anyone who really is interested in trading to observe and even ask questions in my trading room.