Steidlmayer Volume Strips

This is a must view. Bruce you are sooo ahead of the curve. Steidlmayer has moved from a time/price histogram to a new system of price/vol histogram which I believe will be licensed and sold like MP was.
I watched that a week ago and it is a bit hard to follow....hopefully the pdf will be out soon and some who have tried the software will give us some feedback.

Thanks for the compliment Rburns.....I was a bit confused of some of his points about straddling price seems that it is more of a breakout stradegy but instead of using price he is qualifying trends with volume...makes sense and most of us have been attempting to do that for some time......ala the mean reversion trades that don't attract buying/selling as we move away from key distributions or vwap etc...not sure if what he is doing is any different.

A good link though and an interesting video ..if anyone finds the pdf of the text he refers to in the video then please let us would have made the video a much easier to follow....