ES Wednesday 11-30-11

Here's what I've got for my ES MAP of PASR ZONES using a 30min chart of 20 days of data coming into Wednesday's trading. The Red lines are potential significant levels with Magenta lines as semi-significant. The White dashed lines are the Weekly Pivots and the Green line is an unfilled Gap. The Light Blue Volume Profile of the past "rolling" 20 days is displayed on the right vertical axis. The Gray background shows non-RTH price activity. Hope this is helpful to some as a "MAP"

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es 30 sr for 113011
Here are two 5min charts showing Volume Profile ... 2 days worth, with the one on the left incorporating (in gray background) All Trading Hours ... with the one on the right showing 2 days of RTH. This is using Thinkorswim software.

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es volprof for 113011
And Volume Profile RTH from Tuesday:

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es volprof 1 day rth for 113011
High volume at HVA

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2011 11 301048
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