ES Thursday 12-15-11

Major low volume areas I am working with from 9 a.m on to sell against.

1220.50 - 1222

1226 - 1227

1231- 1232.50

below the market is

1214 - 1215 to find buy signals

big volume spots



volume has built now in O/N up at this 1220 and the 1210 area which is near the VA high from Wednesday!
bruce you have 10.00 for over night Hv
have some air down here to the 16.00
no..I currently show 19.75 as HV from ON
your over night dont end till 9.30 or 9.00 am
it ends at 9:30 but i will trade from 9 a.m on as i have seen good moves start then and it gives the 8:30 reports a half hour to settle.
Rats at 12.50 may take shot there
just fyi, i had marked the 12.5 (jsut below the low vol zone of 13.75-14.75) as that was the low of tues rth....yesterday we spent some time in the afternoon trying to get back above it but failed so i expected it to be defended initially if visited today from above....that lined up well with the low vol zone above and the air created as we moved down
Makes some sense...assuming pivot at 11.75 can hold...
NQ closed its gap.
I have some issue with my M-Delta - it does not show yesterday's profile. Bruce, can you post, please, when convenient. Thanks

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Good Night guys