Support Resistance Trading Secret -HA!

Hope this attached Word Doc is educational and helpful in a variety of ways!

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SR Trading Scam Services.doc

Just a link or two that hammers this S/R price action home:

and just click on this link of PASR for the basics described and shown with a chart or two.
It ain't the grail ... IT'S A MAP for tracking price movement and incorporating your own trading indicators/analysis/style ... and, as I've always said, hopefully helpful when I post my PASR levels on a multi-day 30min chart. And yeah, there's a tad bit of an "art" to it, but not too difficult to nail it down. Just trying to offer some help here and also save some $$$ for folks. And you can quite simply do it yourselves if you wish. All good stuff!

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Yeah but the chart with the thick RED lines is prettier..that makes it worth the extra money!
great job putting that together for us MM ! Thanks!