YMH2, (3, -1) formula, Stretch profit, 12 January 2012

12 January: Basis intra-day trading March $5 Dow (YMH2) with the (3, -1) formula fading the Stretch, i.e, (-1) of (3, -1), ... the first move from unchanged was lower. I was short 12389 - 29 = 12359, and covered and reversed at 12395 (-$30 per contract). This measuring objective wasn't exactly achieved, however the technical analysis, i.e., low basing pattern indicated a reversal after the new high print. Opening high, 12392 - Stretch = 12363. The low basing at 12365 (01:05PDT, 01:06PDT, 01:07PDT) was the (-1) of (3, -1). [From unchanged, 12389 - 24 = 12365 (low)] ... Close enough for horse shoes, handgrenades or atomic bonds ... lol.. Short stopped at 12395. Loss six points ($30). 12392 - 27 = (-1) of (3, -1). 12365 + 29 + 29 + 29 = 12452 = (3) of (3, -1). 12465 = high) I covered the stop and bought long at 12395 and trailed a stop. Offset 12435 (12442 started holding as resistance at 12442 (02:58PDT, 12441 at 02:59PDT, 12442 at 03:03PDT, 12442 at 03:03PDT, 03:07PDT, 03:08PDT and 03:09PDT). 40 points profit less 6 points = +34 points = +$170 profit = +34% profit basis $500 intra-day margin. Bottom line. (3, -1) formula was achieve. Namaste
where is the gang? is any body here?
Is that a joke?
In the last five trading days, Hunter's "Rep: votes" have DECLINE BY 1/3, from 580 to 340.

The gang's all here voting down Hunter's (3, -1) and Stretch strategy posts.

Looks more like a popularity contest than professional traders sharing valid trading strategies.

hey tradersacumen,

welcome aboard, i was curious how you know how his rep has gone down that much, is that something you keep track of or can you see it on this site?

hunter needs to provide real-time analysis for rep i would believe, because the last couple days were not stretch trading rotation days per his formulas. the concept is there and the interest in these rotational patterns are shared, but he is going about it the wrong way and providing useless information. we got great poster on here like bruce, lisa, monkey, who provide real-time graphs and explainations of the whys and hows behind their analysis of the day and trade. this is what sets this site apart from the others.

once the day is finished, it's much easier to see if we rotate 3 stretch calculations off 1.618%, 2.618%, or 4.15% but we wont know until the end of the day.

Also, you lose reputation, when you quote everything as using full day-trade margin. Any professional trader would not go $500 margin per contract so a $400 paper gain does not equate to 80% gain!
Q: I was curious how you know how his rep has gone down that much, is that something you keep track of or can you see it on this site?

Yes, ... the "Rep" (votes?) is next to the time of the post. This week his "votes" dropped from 604 to 340. Yes, I keep track of that stuff. When I was a broker the manager kept a chart for all the traders / reps.

I haven't looked very far into his 2011 posts, but his trades are intra-day, i.e., $500 intra-day margin and none of them risked 80 points (80% of the intra-day margin). That would be insane.

I get that the (3, -1) strategy fades the first intra-day move from unchanged. He never gives any information about a stop, nor does he give free trades. The 3 Stretch moves from his fade had been producing about a 5:1 reward risk ratio, when those (3, -1) days were profitable; but you had to have been there to decide if the first move from unchanged reversed at the Stretch or 1.618% of the Stretch.

Four step trading plan:
Why am I getting in? He fades the first move by either the Stretch or 1.618% of the Stretch. Which one?

Where am I getting in? (Where is he fading? at the Stretch? or 1.618% of the Stretch?)

Where is my target exit? That's his (3) of the (3, -1) strategy and it measures price action very well, except when prices trend one way for that day.

Where is my stop loss? He doesn't say. The first reversals are usually less than a dozen points than his reversal, which makes the 3 x Stretch measuring object a good tool with low risk.

If you have any hard data on this subject, pari paru.
The (3, -1) formula projected a fade. I faded in the first minute at 12356 (15:00PDT) and raised my covered at 12376 (15:28PDT). +$100 per contract, i.e., +20% basis $500 intra-day margin. Consider this my tithing. Here's your free trade. The last March $5 Dow futures 12380 (15:35PDT).

These are the simple facts of human nature. If people don't have free rides to lives of sedentary consumption (read: insisting on free trades and not researching the posted strategies for respective price reversals), they have to earn their livings.

To earn a living you need to produce value to others that creates a surplus for you to supply your own means to survival.

You produce with your labor and/or with your brain (not asking someone else to give you free trades). To the degree that you produce more than similar others (now your Global friends and neighbors) your rewards grow at a greater rate, or not.

Some people are bigger and stronger than others, so if society values and rewards those trading skills above others these people have an advantage. Good or bad, it is simply a fact. Since not everyone can be bigger and stronger, the mind is the equalizer. If you educate your mind continuously you will learn other skills or invent things of value. Working smarter and harder is a good combination for you to create more than enough to sustain yourself and allows you to help and/or employ others so they can produce more than they consume.
The last sale,... covered YMH2 12356 long at 12376 (15:28PDT) was your free trade. Then, the last March $5 Dow futures 12380 (15:35PDT). The March $5 Dow futures (YMH2) was trading at 12348 (16:41PDT). 32 pts x +$160 per contract, i.e., +32% basis $500 intra-day margin. The current high print, 12380, (15:35PDT) risked you nothing. That was the free trade. Namaste


This will be my last post to you. This is too much. Why would you cover at +20 when the stretch was around 30 and before your 3 completion move? Shouldn't you have been targeting 3 stretches, 1.618%xstretch, or 2.618%xstrech from entry like all your other posts?

your quoted 32% gain on that trade is not realistic, unless you had $500 in your account to begin with, which is not possible to open a futures account. And had you $5000, to trade 10 contracts, You talk about professionalism, no professional trader would ever go full $500/contract margin.

I have never wanted free trades, only upfront, fully honest information and knowledge. everyone else here when quoting gains has posted their trades within 5 minutes or at least gives a process within a few minutes of trade. My only posts have been in question of why you continue to post after the fact trades, gains based on ridiculous margin, and receive no replys to any of your posts except from me defending this site.

I will graciously bow out, you can win this, not worth it any more.

MyPivots.com, you have a great site and content, I only had the best intentions, sorry if I offended or annoyed anyone in anyway. Hunter, truely wish you the best, no hard feelings, just backing up the site and myself, no disrepect in anyway was intended.

Namaste Amigo!
Re: +20 point (+20% offset), holiday trading tends to have light volume. The first bounce from the opening low nearly filled the gap, basis the 13:14(PDT) last minute low on 13 January. Watching YMH2 in real time produced a signal to offset, amonght which were the measurements from that low (calculate the low + Stretch and also 0.618% of the decline from the 13 January last minute to the 12350 opening low.
You've acknowledged +32% gain, i.e., 32 points, ... that was realistic if you take a profit. (See above). The trade entered was a purchase at 12356 (unchanged less the Stretch = 12356).

For your benefit, ... that risk was $30 (6 points) to make $160 PER CONTRACT AT RISK. Try a stop of a less Fibonacci of the Stretch. Reward : risk 26 : 1. Also for your benefit, until a trader's skills are more fully developed, ...