ES Thursday 1/12/2012

You have got to love the IB down and back in
doing numbers for tomorrow 1297.25 , 1293.65 , 1285.75 , 1282.25 all LVN for today so far
we got back over the IB today below then above
Another wild one today. Market closes up for the 8th time in a row, NQ/TF open out of range then double break the initial balance and close higher. YM has an outside day and double IB break when gapping outside of range! ES didn't follow suit, but we still have a few minutes left! Can't believe we to the tick, hit yesterday's lows! The shorts got angry about that one and covered all day today.

Don't know the last time I saw a gap higher than the previous day's highs, breaks the previous day's lows, then breaks the highs later in the day! Bear killer that's for sure. Most likely a bullish edge tomorrow for YM.