ES Tuesday 2-21-12

Some videos I'm using to define the levels for tomorrow and an analysis of Thursdays trend day. Naturally we need to know our key range extremes and analyze what happens in the overnight to complete our work. Hope it helps!
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What happened Thursday:
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Great recap thanks Bruce
prefer sells to get 60.75 is the run up to 66 - 68 to sell into
Air pocket filled. Could have bought at pitbull 4pt entry. Range is so small and market is so slow, I just cant talk myself into taking a trade.
focus for me is now on the 63.25 gap in data fill
starting sells at 65 print but I think better sells are up above 66....we have the hour range now to work with
Bruce, where is your target for the 65 sell?
going for FULL gap at 63.25 due to limited volatility...won't be easy
I still think the better sells come in above 66...near the weekly O/N open 66.75 and that weekly R1 level...just not sure they are gonna be so kind and give us that though
trying to get to 62 even on last runners before 65 reprints...that would be just above 50% on the day and a failure at an hour range likes that target...could take all day!!
s on 64.50 print...I think they will ultimately want to test VWAP and that ledge at 63 and last weeks highs battle

this is a harder trade as I am chasing a bit and we are stuck at the POC from todays trade....safer sells STILL are higher...

so if we decide to trade in the midde then keep it small and be prepared to add