ES Wednesday 2-29-12

Numbers and my plan for this morning
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

I could use lots of work on my writing Paul.usually I type so fast that I don't spell check or reread it until later. Even then I usually get lazy and leave all as is unless it changes the meaning.

the videos are funny when you hear yourself with all these speaking pauses and "Hmmm" and "Umm"'s. Makes me appreciate those who speak well that much more.
5th, or 6th pending when this post hits. :)
Bruce, still a buy at 66 area?
trying small longs off 64.50. not agressive and will try 2 times down here to reach air pockets above at 66 first..then higher
flat and not holding runners at 66.25
that 64 - 66 became a zone...when we are moving faster I will look to see what is happening on my footprints and Cumm. Delta for the day to try and time entries a bit better....

cool how they are trying to fill in that 69 would be even cooler if I was STILL long !!
Originally posted by vasuki

Bruce, still a buy at 66 area?

There is a gap in the data at 73.50 so if YOU think you have caught a good long then the air pocket and the gap in the data will ultimately act as a magnet to help pull price up..

personally I think we are better off closing our trade software down and just doing research outside the 90 minute time frames. So just pointing that out. Good luck